Thank you for stopping by my clothing store! My name is CeCe and I’ve been passionate about the paranormal my whole life and have met many others who are as well! I’ve always loved the spooky style so with Paranormal Addict, I was able to combine my two passions for those who love the spooky and the paranormal!

While I have a TeeSpring store, I created this website for easier navigation and so I could create a spooky cute website for my brand!

All items do link to TeeSpring for ease of checking out! I’ll be keeping you guys updated on special deals and checkout codes, so keep your eye out!

Thanks again for stopping by! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email (paranormaladdict0@gmail.com) or through my Instagram!

Just for clarification, we do not do sponsorships and are not looking for ambassadors at this time.

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